Artwork Information:

"UNION, Suns and Moons" is the 2018 rendition of a 1989 sketch titled “Union.” The medium is ink on heavy paper. Paper is 50” x 38” with a drawing area of 47.75” x 35.50”.

Best of Show, 1918 Nov., New Mexico Veteran's Art Show

The media consisted of pencil layouts for most items and freehand for others. Micro-Pen ink at 0.003 and 0.005 was used on top of the pencil and then the pencil erased. Major color inks were Sakura Gelly Roll Pens. Bic pens and other black and colored Micro-Pens were also used. The background and blending was done using Yellow and Blue Avery Hi-Liters.

The Artwork capture an yen/yang aspect of the masculine and feminine aspects of the universe. One masculine sun and one feminine sun orbit a pair of singularities from which a cosmic DNA string emanates along with a male and female entity. Each sun has a skull representing it as a whole and the male female role.

Most of the time, We recognize others by faces. There's a special spot in the brain that is dedicated to the processing of faces and recognition of the face and the emotions displayed on those faces. To the ancient Egyptians, Bâ was everything that makes a person unique. Everything from the time and place we were born into and all the experiences thatwill accumulate over our lives to make us, who we are and our world view. Therefore, the Suns are composed of various personalities and roles in life. For the most part, there is a matching personality between the suns.

The Flames that form the outer corona of the Suns contain the many Spirits that inhabit the world. The belief that All things have Spirits. Even the things that we make, wherein the creator of the object gives it spirit. Gaia is the spirit of the Earth and so on to the Universal Spirit.

The Moons for each sun appears from behind the sun just advancing beyond the cosmic string enough to appear like an eye. Each moon's surface contains various additional spirits and life forces. The male moon is a bit more colorful than the plan female moon.