Artwork Information:

"Punky Rooster, Mascot BiPolar Radio" is a 2015 total colored pencil creation.

I've had what I called my bipolar stream up since college days at DeVry Institute of Technology (now a University) in Kansas City, Missouri. I named it KOCK and added as /kockrocks to my personal domain site, Thunderchild dot net was a resulte from another assignment. It was cheap enough to grabbed a domain, just to take my assignments serious. There just weren't any domains that I wanted to follow with "kock dot ..." existing at that time. It stayed that way for some time until August 6, 2014,when the Domain dot rocks became available.

I had for some time before the "dot rocks" domain name was out, and it happened just at the right time I wanted to get more fully engaged in music and musical ambitions. The project is called " BiPolar Radio" and is publically on the Internet and listed with Google and other social media. The URL is and is the associated live stream(s) posted at

The long-term goal is to file as a non-profit LLC for purposes of LPFM (low power frequency moducation) broadcasting in the Albuquerque area. Until then, The Internet allows for steaming as a hobbie which are conducive for working through, filter, edit, sort and organize all the music in the library (nearly 36,000 items). There is a large variety of genre I like and since it is still a personal library, I have to filter out some of the colletions tendency to have Tortures syndrome.

I grew up playing and competing in music through school. I also did Armature Radio and operated a military radio station in the Navy (W4ODR/NNNNIF, Millington, Tn.). Those plus my computer, electronic and other backgrounds are some of the skills I use in this hobby.