Artwork Information:

"Tyrian Raptor and Psychedelic Phoenix” is a part of the 2016 series “A Crash of Rhinos.”

ExxonMobile Foundation Award, 1918 Nov., New Mexico Veteran's Art Show

“A Crash of Rhinos” is a fifteen drawings set depicting the story of Five Rhino, six Mechanical Rhinos, the Crash Mountains, the Domed Cities and a population forces to leave their world and solar system.

This drawing is a mixed medium of ink, colored pencil and pastels on heavy paper.

Tyrian Raptor and Psychedelic Phoenix is the fourth and last mechanical Rhino drawing. It's a pair of Rhinos to balance out the other pair of mechanical. Tyrian is a purple blues color. I had a good idea of the background I wanted, so I made Tyrian fairly simple, just purple and tribals on the ears and nose plate. You may recognize Tyrian as being Boss hog.

Psychedelic Phoenix is a variety of colors and images. You'll recognize Psychedelic Phoenix as being Shroomy aka Major Tripps. He is the logical choice to use with a background that is "trippy."

I decided to place one driver in each Rhino and add a third person with the background. In all the drawings prior to this, the viewer has been a third person tense, in that they are not part of the picture. In this background, the view is in second person view, in that they are the person in the picture taking a picture of the rhinos and scenery.

The building is the Museum of Natural History in Albuquerque, NM. There is a lot of paranormal activities occurring in the picture, in the building, grounds and moon. There is an s-curve down the middle of the picture that separates the paranormal on one side. It curves around the edge of the moon and down the center of the sidewalk. If you note the photo in the tablet, there is an app that has filtered out the paranormal.