Artwork Information:

"Titian Lion King” is a part of the 2016 series “A Crash of Rhinos.”

“A Crash of Rhinos” is a fifteen drawings set depicting the story of Five Rhino, six Mechanical Rhinos, the Crash Mountains, the Domed Cities and a population forces to leave their world and solar system.

This drawing is a mixed medium of ink, colored pencil and pastels on heavy paper.

Titian Lion King is the second Mechanical Rhino. I added a little more tribal decorations on the rhino. The person directing traffic is an addition of a third person type to the team. There's light reflections from the flares in his hands, but I tried to get a good hint of an Alien inside the suite.

Titian is placed close in front of the Orange Dome so I could show better details of the domes and their construction. The close-up of the dome let me give more detail of the grid structure on the dome that generates a protective energy field for the inhabitants. It also gave me a chance to add memorial murals on the foundation walls of the domes. Here, I included whales and birds. I added some little creatures (scorpions, mice, turtles, bugs) to the ground area along with general rubbish and trash left from a collapsed economy.