Artwork Information:

"Scaler aka General Tuff” is a part of the 2016 series “A Crash of Rhinos.”

“A Crash of Rhinos” is a fifteen drawings set depicting the story of Five Rhino, six Mechanical Rhinos, the Crash Mountains, the Domed Cities and a population forces to leave their world and solar system.

This drawing is a colored pencil with Micron ink for outlining on heavy paper.

Scaler aka General Tuff is the second rhino drawn. He's the first rhino to have three horns. I spent time making little scales all over his body. I want to make him look like he had a tough skin. He's a tree muncher, as seen from the stubs of little trees he has eaten.

Scaler was the first one to get a background. His time-line is early in the epoch. The waterfall hasn't worn down the rocks yet, there appears to be plenty of water and decent conditions for grasses and small trees to grow. The fence, the main sign of civilization, is a basic wooden fence and in good repair. There's snow on the mountain tops and the plaint and moons in the sky are pretty calm.