Artwork Information:

"Boss Hog aka Grumpy” is a part of the 2016 series “A Crash of Rhinos.”

“A Crash of Rhinos” is a fifteen drawings set depicting the story of Five Rhino, six Mechanical Rhinos, the Crash Mountains, the Domed Cities and a population forces to leave their world and solar system.

This drawing is a mixed medium of ink, colored pencil and pastels on heavy paper.

Boss Hog aka Grumpy is the fourth rhino to be drawn, Bosshog, was a change from the first pose. Bosshog has a bummed or grumpy look and a broken horn that's grown back. I wanted an expression of "yea, this is where I live, sigh!."

Bosshogs's world and time-line shows wear and tear. There's a plaint that's undergoing some changes and the walkway has fallen into disrepair. I switched to using pastels for the sky instead of trying to blend colored pencils to the degree I wanted.